ELITE Performance Training - Lack of Speed Kills

Program Specifics

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The NFL Draft Preparation program is geared to improve an athletes performance in all testing components and position specific drills. By only having 10 players in the program, we are able to provide individual attention during all training sessions to improve performance. The following outlines a typical training week.


Straight line speed, 40 starts, lower body explosion, hurdle mobility,video analysis

Upper body lift, core strength/stabilization


Lateral movement, pro shuttle emphasis, shackle drills

Lower body lift, core strength/stabilization, regeneration


Position specific drills- combine scripts/YOGA


Straight line speed, 40 starts, 40 mechanics, top end speed development

Upper body lift- 225 rep test emphasis, core strength/stabilization


Lateral movement, 3 cone emphasis, agility drills, shackle drills

Lower body lift- speed/explosion emphasis, core strength/stabilization, regeneration


Pool/ regeneration day/YOGA


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